Fans Furious After Seeing The Way Nam Joo Hyuk And Dara Were Treated At An Event In Manila

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International and national kdrama fans are not happy about the way Nam Joo Hyuk and Dara were treated at a recent event in Manila.

Dara and Nam Joo Hyuk arrived at Manila a day ago and featured as guests at the “Penshoppe Fan-Con” in Manila. A twitter video went viral and made a lot of kdrama fans angry.

In a group session part of the event, many fans came at Nam Joo Hyuk at once and starting pushing against him and groped him while trying to pose for photos with him.

They touched other parts of his body aggressively after the group photo was taken some fans refused to let go and turned around again to touch Nam Joo Hyuk who looked really uncomfortable during the entire experience.

The MC of the event tried his best to tell fans to stop touching him, he said ‘give him his personal space’ among many other lines that told the fans to take it easy, he also asked them not to touch him.

His personal space was violated according to various online users who saw the video.

With the influx of the fans the bodyguard couldn’t handle all of them at once; Dara also suffered as the fans came up too close and even pushed her away so they could stand closer to Nam Joo Hyuk.

With the other set of fans coming in to take photos, they also refused to listen to the MCs as they told them to respect the actor’s space, saying ‘we know you love him.’

The video annoyed fans, fellow Filipino kdrama fans ended up apologizing for the way the girls treated Dara and Nam Joo Hyuk.

Check out the video below and judge for yourself.

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