BTS’s RM Preparing For Military Enlistment? Army Panic After RM Is Seen Getting A Medical Checkup

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Netizens are saying they got a medical checkup for the army with RM and BTS fans are panicking.

In South Korea, its compulsory to all men to enlist in the military before they become 35 years old. Recently, the rules were changed again to prevent young men who want to avoid the enlistment, the new rules made it harder for men who haven’t served the military to travel outside the country as they wish.

Idols were hit the hardest by these changes since they often travel overseas for multiple schedules. BTS fans army were very worried because it meant their oppas will soon have to enlist since they can’t go in and out of the country as they please anymore.

On July 11, someone posted something that sent BTS fans into shock mood, he revealed that he got a medical checkup with RM. The man revealed that RM was very friendly, the officers even took selfies with him and asked for his autographs.

Another man also posted something similar, he revealed that RM looked a bit tired and sleepy but was very friendly, he added,

“He could get the free pass but he chose to wait and proceed just like all other people there.”

That man posted the screenshot of his medical checkup notification he received from the country to prove he wasn’t lying.

Why did this send army into a panic mood, you ask? Its because usually, Korean men do medical checkups before they enlist in the military to prepare for their upcoming enlistment, that medical examination determines whether they’d be able to serve or not.

Usually, the Korean man has to enlist within a year after he receives his medical checkup. Take into consideration that the medical checkup isn’t done in just any Korean hospital but designated hospitals around Korea.

RM, real name Kim Nam Joo was born back in 1994 and is 23 in international age but 24 in Korean age.

How do you feel about this?

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  1. RM
    Please don’t leave us ARMY
    But if you have to, then I will wait and I hope that if you do enlist, you will stay safe
    Love you

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