BIGBANG’s Seungri Gave This Answer When Asked How It Felt Like Competing With BTS And TWICE

BIGBANG’s Seungri has made his highly anticipated comeback today with his first studio solo album “The Great Seungri.”

He held the press conference of his first studio album at CGV Cheongdam Cinecity. He answered various questions about his album, his members and how he left about competing with the new wave of Kpop.

His first studio album release overlaps with current popular idols releases, such as TWICE and BLACKPINK, BTS will also soon join the race as they’re making their summer comeback in August.

He shared his comment on making a comeback with tough competition, he said,

“Next year will be my 13th year in this industry. There are many great hoobaes nowadays such as Wanna One, BTS, TWICE, and BLACKPINK, I hope that they actively promote with good music. I think there will be good results if I am just being myself instead of competing against them.”

He also added that he felt the pressure, saying,

“I know that I am behind in numbers for a competition. I do feel pressured since I have to do things on my own without the help of my members.”

What do you think of Seungri’s answer? Have you listened to his new album yet?

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