A fierce battle has begun to bring out BTS at the end of the year award ceremony.

Various industry insiders that are working on year-end awards and festivals have begun preparations and have been trying to cast BTS, the three major broadcasting stations are competing with each other to get BTS.

The reason why it began so early is because of the performance halls. The schedule for the performance hall, broadcast programming, and BTS’s schedule must line up in order to complete preparations successfully without any issues.

Due to BTS’s huge popularity and success in Korea and overseas, its apparent why everyone is trying to cast them. Their latest album sold a total of 1,664,041 copies as of May, when calculating June’s sales; the number is expected to be even higher.

BTS has also topped the monthly album chart for May according to Gaon Chart. BTS became the first artist to sell 1.6 million copies in 17 years and 8 months.

The problem is that because of their huge success, its very difficult to cast them, their schedule is fully packed. They’re in the middle of preparing a world tour and have various other obligations to attend to.

A source from Big Hit Entertainment revealed that the boys’ schedule is already packed, adding,

“They’re especially busy this year.”

A source who has been working on end-year awards has explained the situations in details. The source revealed that usually, the line-up is decided after calculating the cumulative results and totals. But with BTS, their album sales on another level which explains why everyone is trying to get BTS.

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