B1A4 Sandeul Shares His Frustration With The Uncertain Future Following Jinyoung And Baro’s Departure


B1A4 Sandeul seems anxious and worried judging from the recent post he posted to his group fancafe.

A couple of days ago, WM Entertainment announced that Jinyoung and Baro’s contracts expired and they were not renewing them. Sandeul, CNU, and Gongchan were the only members that renewed their contracts with their agencies.

On July 1st, Sandeul wrote a worrisome post to his group fan café, he said,

“I don’t know what I should be saying or how I should start this… First, I am so sorry for not giving you a definite answer and making you frustrated and sad. We’re still discussing this among ourselves. It’s a frustrating situation where we can’t help but wait, we’re being cruel by not saying anything. So once again, sorry to our BANAs (B1A4’s fandom name) who gave us infinite love.

No matter the outcome, we’ll make sure BANAs know first. Thank you so much to our BANAs who love us, I am sorry.”

What do you think of Sandeul’s post? Are you worried about B1A4’s future?

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