Actress Ku Hye Sun Says She Gained 10 Kg Confidently After Fans Say She Looks ‘Fat’

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Actress Ku Hye Sun is my new favorite bold confident Korean actress, the woman knows how to reply to haters who say she gained weight and looks pregnant!

On Jul 12, she attended the 22nd “Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival” as one of the guests. The actress’s face looked chubbier and she looked healthier, fans couldn’t stop talking about her apparent weight gain.

At first, fans thought she was pregnant while others thought she received Botox to her face and this was the result. The actress shut down those rumors with two simple responses through her Instagram account.

Through a sweet selfie of her ‘chubby’ face, she revealed,

“I ate a lot of rice, I gained weight. Almost 10 kg.”

밥 많이 먹어서 살쪘어요. 십키로.

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The actress went on to share a couple of beautiful photos of her unchanging beauty. She also posted a selfie with no makeup on confidently.

Her agency backed up her Instagram statement and stated she didn’t do any plastic surgery.

Weight gain for Korean actresses is a huge debated topic. Actresses try their best to maintain a slim body to keep working. Fans find Koo Hye Sun very cool and confident when she just casually shared she gained weight to her fans without any fear of the backlash.

What do you think of this?


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