Yeo Jin Goo And Girl’s Day’s Minah Confirmed For Upcoming Drama


Recently, upcoming drama “Absolute Boyfriend” production company Apollo Pictures confirmed that Yeo Jin Goo and Girl’s Day’s Minah are set to play the male and female leads.

Yeo Jin Goo will play the role of the perfect-boyfriend robot, while Girl’s Day’s Minah will play the role of a special effects makeup artist.

Hong Jong Hyun is also in the final stages of reviewing the offer. If he accepts the offer he will play the role of the top star.

The drama is the Korean remake of the popular Japanese series by the same title. It has been previously in discussion to air on OCN but will no longer do so.

The drama is set to begin filming in July.

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My Thoughts

That’s one very weird lineup. I don’t like it! Here is the problem, Yeo Jin Goo is at a ‘critical’ stage of his growth as an actor, he doesn’t want to play the teenage and cannot play the grownup role either. He’s trying to establish himself so he won’t settle for teenage roles anymore, which means he’ll likely go for roles designed for actors elder than him, because if he was to take a role of his age, it means he must settle for a supporting role rather than a leading role.

The drama story line itself is also hella weird and stupid in my opinion. How can anyone in his right mind fall in love with a robot? A human competing for a woman’s love against a robot? This is the 4th of 5th kdrama this year that shares the same story line.

That’s just too ridiculous in my opinion. The roles were previously offered for much older cast. Song Ji Hyo was offered the female lead and an actor named Chun Jung Myung the male lead role (he’s born in 1980).

Why did they suddenly switch for a much younger cast? Beside, is it just me who feels awkward picturing Yeo Jin Goo and Girl’s Day’s Minah?

We wait and see! Hopefully this drama proves me wrong!


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