“Why Secretary Kim?” Accused Of Plagiarizing  Glamour Photoshoot, tvN Response Angers Netizens


“Why Secretary Kim?” is the news a lot lately, yet this time its not because of the fun plot or the cast chemistry, its because of one of its posters.

Ahead of “Why Secretary Kim?” release, tvN released a fun cotton candy poster, some fans pointed out that it was eerily similar to Glamour photoshoot which included Ryan Reynolds in it, in that photoshoot the outfits, the posture and cotton candy used made netizens accuse the drama of the plagiarism.

In response tvN released a statement that added fuel to the file, they stated,

“The poster in question is not the drama main poster, but a homage where we gave a reference, its only an online poster. We’ll be more careful next time.”

Not surprisingly, netizens found the statement an excuse, some pointing out that tvN didn’t even apologize for the incident.

tvN also didn’t reveal that it was a homage to the older photoshoot, a homage is when its recognizable at first glance by the majority.

What do you think of this issue? Do you believe its plagiarism? Homage? or somewhere in between?

My Thoughts

The statement tvN released is… it feels like they’re pointing to themselves.

With all honesty, a lot of people take photos on the streets with their loved ones holding cotton candy, no one is accusing anyone of plagiarism. The photoshoot in question isn’t anything special or anything memorable.

That being said, I think that it would’ve been better for tvN to point out that they didn’t know of the original photoshoot since it wasn’t special, instead of claiming it was a ‘homage,’ its like they’re admitting it’s a copy but labeling it a homage, its like they’re admitting they knew another one existed that looked so similar to what they shot!

it’s not a huge deal but I found it interesting which is why I wrote about it. What do you guys think of it? Do you believe its too similar?


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