tvN’s hit new drama “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” is breaking records with each episode, the most recently aired episodes, episode 5 and 6 have achieved remarkable ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, episode 5 rated 6.9% nationwide, which was its highest ratings until episode 6 aired and broke that record, episode 7 rated 7.7% which is 0.8% higher than its previous episode and its personal best to date.

Episode 5 peaked at 7.5% in Seoul, while Episode 6 peaked at 8.5% in Seoul area. Those numbers are also the drama’s highest to date.

“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” has been doing very well since its premiere, the drama ratings never went down and kept rising with each episode as the story of the vice president Young and Secretary Kim unfolds.

Have you been keeping up with “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”?


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