“Suits” Ends With Its Highest Ratings To Date, “The Undateables” And “Come And Hug Me” Linger In The 3% Range


KBS 2TV’s “Suits” has aired its last episode yesterday; it went out with a bang!

According to Nielsen Korea, the drama 15th episode rated an average of 9.1% nationwide, it was lower than its previous episode; it had no competition that night because both “The Undateables” And “Come And Hug Me” didn’t air due to the election coverage.

However, its 16th episode brought in better ratings. It rated 10.7% making it the highest ratings number for the drama, its also the first time the drama broke through the 10% mark.

SBS’s “The Undateables” rated 3.5% and 3.6 % while MBC’s “Come and Hug Me” rated 3.4% and 3.8%.

“Your House Helper” starring Ha Seok Jin, Bona and Lee Ji Hoon is taking over “Suits” spot.

My Thoughts

Why isn’t “Come and Hug Me” doing better for crying out loud? It has such a good plot, why is it in the 3% range?

I understand SBS’s “The Undateables” ratings, I discussed why previously, but I don’t get it, why isn’t “Come and Hug Me” doing better?

I am happy for Hyung Sik oppa who led another good drama, I personally dind’t finish watching it but I heard it’s really good. I stopped because I got too busy.

What do you guys think of the ratings numbers?


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