So Ji Sub Finds His Leading Lady In Jung In Sun For Upcoming MBC Drama


Jung In Sun is confirmed as the leading female character in highly anticipated upcoming MBC drama “Terius Behind Me.”

The drama is a spy romantic drama about a single mother Go Ae Rin and her next-door neighbor Kim Bon.

So Ji Sub is taking on the role of Kim Bon, someone who used to work at the National Intelligence Service (NIS). Jung In Sun is taking on the role of Go Ae Rin the single mother who finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy with Kim Bon.

“Terius Behind Me” is written by Oh Ji Young who wrote “Shopping King Louie,” it will be directed by PD Park Sang Hoon. The drama is aiming for a premiere in September.

How do you feel about the pairing?

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MY Thoughts

Whats with Jung In Sun and single mother roles?

I don’t like the pairing, she is 27, So Ji Sub is 40. The age gap is too large! Whats about with 2018 and the large age gaps?

But I guess it serves a purpose, she is a single mother which could be attributed to the fact that she had a baby at a young age. I am excited about the upcoming drama, but still don’t like the pairing, of course, I must wait to see the drama before judging, but I would’ve preferred it if they paired him with someone his age.

Still excited to see So Ji Sub back on the small screen.


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