Shawn Mendes Assures Fans His Collaboration With BTS Is Happening

Fanboy and super star Shawn Mendes has confirmed that his collaboration with BTS will happen!

He was a guest of “The Roz And Mocha Show,” as expected he was asked about what the show host called ‘the biggest boy band in the world,’ the show host asked whether a collaboration is happening.

Shawn Mendes said,

“They are a hard group to get with. They are busy people. I have no lyrics on their collaboration yet but it will happen. I promise.”

He also couldn’t give an exact date when asked, about that he explained that he hasn’t hung out with the group yet or wrote a song, he added,

“But it will happen because I love them and their fans too. So I promise.”

God bless your beautiful heart Shawn Mendes, we were waiting for a confirmation~

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