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Seo Kang Joon recently attended “Are You Human Too?” press conference, he was joined by the rest of the main cast and the director who attended the press conference at Times Square in Seoul.

As expected, the actor was asked about his ratings goal promise and his hopes for the drama to do well.

He gave a mature answer and said,

“I’d be lying if I said the rating don’t matter to us, since they do. We hope that it will receive lots of love, moreover, we hope that people will enjoy watching the drama, whether it be one person or 10.”

When asked to give a number he wishes the drama reaches, he said,

“Realistically, I expect and hope for 8.5%.”

After the press asked him for a higher number he gave 10.5% and explained,

“It’s because it’s more difficult these days, unlike in the past.”

His ultimate goal is 15.5%.

“Are You Human Too?” will air its first episode on June 4 and battle against “Wok of Love” and “Partner for Justice.” The drama took over “Miracle That We Met” time slot which was the highest rated drama among its contenders.

Are you excited about “Are You Human Too?”

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My Thoughts

It seems only realistic that he hopes for those numbers. I agree with him, its getting harder and harder for dramas to cross the 10% even if they’re considered ‘popular.’

I have high hopes. KBS started marketing for this drama a long time ago, they started back in December 2017. Its been more than 5 months since the first still images of the drama were released.

“Are You Human Too?” is one of the most expensive productions of 2018. It took almost 7~8 million dollars to film. So it has to be good, they need to break even!

I hope we won’t be let down!

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