Park Min Young is humble and thankful for fans and the production staff that helped make “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” a hit.

The drama has been enjoying great popularity and has recently achieved 7% mark, which is considered very good for a cable channel drama.

Through a small interview held by her agency Namoo Actors on Vlive, the actress talked about how she really felt about the success of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.”

She was holding episode 5 script in her hands and practicing it, when she was asked about the success of her drama, she answered,

“Should I reply in a modest way?

I believe that it was only possible with the help of the production crew and other actors on set, its also thanks to our vice president as well ‘referring to Park Seo Joon.’

But its also because the set’s atmosphere is really great. We honestly get a lot of energy if the ratings are good, so we hoped that it would turn out good. Since they came out so well, I am happy for that.

However, I’m not the kind of person who gets excited about ratings. What comes to my mind first is that I need to focus on the drama till the end so that we don’t finish weakly after starting off so well.”

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