Park Hyung Sik Flaunts Gifts From Han Ji Min And Park Seo Joon

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Park Hyung Sik is one lucky man, he continues to receive love from his previous co-stars.

On June 6, he shared a photo of a coffee truck gifted by his close friend Park Seo Joon. The two previously shared the screen in “Hwarang” and have maintained a friendship ever since.

He had also sent a coffee truck to the set of his friend’s new drama “Why Secretary Kim?” a couple of days ago.

In his message to Park Seo Joon, he invited him to be one of Kang & Ham’s clients, in response Park Seo Joon’s wrote to one banner,

“It’s an honor to be with Kang & Ham. – from Yoo Myung Group’s vice president Lee Young Joon-”

Park Hyung Sik thanked Park Seo Joon for the gift and professed his love for his ‘brother.’

He also received a coffee truck from another previous co-star, Han Ji Man, they had both shared the screen in the film “Two Lights: Relúmĭno”

He shared a photo of himself and Chae Jung An standing in front of the truck. Han Ji Man apologized for the rather late coffee truck in one of the coffee truck banners; she sent the gift to the two actors.

Park Hyung Sik thanked her and said that he felt so happy he thought his stomach was going to burst.

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