Park Bom Stands Up To People Who Accused Her Of Getting Plastic Surgery Again

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Some people really have nothing better to do with their lives!

Park Bom has recently teased fans with a new clip of her listening to something. She has previously told fans that she’s preparing to return to singing.

But of course, there had to be haters or people who just can’t keep their thoughts to themselves.

Some fans questioned whether she got plastic surgery again, some commenting that the way she looked these days was different.

One person commented,

“Her nose tip is more raised than before, you can see it when she turns her head to the side but it’s fine she still looks amazing!”

Park Bom stood up to herself and said to that person,

“This is going to be my last answer on this kind of question.. did not..”

Park Bom has constantly been under the spotlight for rumors relating to plastic surgery.

Lets just hope that people leave her alone!

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