Park Bom Returning With New Music Soon?

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We have great news to all 2NE1 fans here! Your favorite unnie, Park Bom is likely coming back with new music soon!

On June 11, she took to instagram to post a sweet selfie of her holding flowers, the photo captioned sent fans into frenzy, she wrote,

“Everyone, are you doing well? I want to sing. I’ll bring good music for you to listen to soon.

I am getting ready. You’ve waited a long time for this, right? I miss all of my fans from around the world. I hope you get ready too. I’ll make you happy.”

This marks Park Bom’s return to social media following her interview back in April in which she defended herself after MBC’s “PD Notebook” brought up her old drug case to light again.

Following 2NE1’s disbandment in late 2016, Park Bom left YG Entertainment. Fans have been anticipating her return to the music scene ever since.

Who’s excited?

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