No Min Woo Loses Compensation Lawsuit Against SM Entertainment, SM Fires Back At His Claims 


Actor-singer No Min Woo has lost the appeal in his lawsuit case against SM Entertainment.

He had filed a lawsuit of 100 million won (almost $100,000) on grounds of SM Entertainment interfering with his entertainment activities.

The ruling was issued on June 20, the supreme court ruled against No Min Woo, he had previously lost his first and second trial, the judge said that there is no reason for the appeal.

In case of an appeal, except for a criminal case, the court can reject the case without another hearing if there isn’t a violation or unfair judgment.

The singer-actor first signed with SM Entertainment back in 2000 and debuted as a member of TRAX in 2004. In 2009, he notified the company of the cancellation of his contract and moved ahead to another agency.

Two years ago, in November 2017 he sued SM Entertainment for compensation and claimed that SM Entertainment poorly managed him when he was a member of TRAX.

A representative from his side revealed,

“Since his debut as a TRAX member until he left, SM Entertainment did not plan or manage him correctly. Even after he left TRAX, they didn’t manage him. They also didn’t provide opportunities for him to pursue acting or do music, they also interfered with his activities in the entertainment business by pressuring PDs and company executives.”

SM Entertainment fired back at their claim and stated,

“No Min Woo randomly left TRAX, thus we had to pay a penalty to the Japanese management company. Yet, we never asked him to take responsibility for that and we provided him with management, so he could promote as an actor.

He then unilaterally informed us of termination of contract. Management was faithfully implemented and we did not interfere with his entertainment activities.”

The court has ruled in favor of SM Entertainment for the first and second trial due to insufficient evidence with the actor’s claims.

How do you feel about this?

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  1. I don’t believe SM Entertainment either, somewhere in there they hampered his abilities to be successful as an artist. As with anything it’s about connections…and as the resent scandal with Seungri shows, money can buy anything…if it can buy police corruption and tax evasion, it can buy judges and lawyers, and tv show producers, etc.

    Korea is always depicted as a land of corruption, where good people get stomped on by the powerful. Lee Soo Man is a snake. I have no doubt that he is the cause of Min Woo not being as successful as he should be. Min Woo is a powerhouse talent…good musical ability, acting and visually stunning.

    That’s right visually stunning. I hope to see his return from military soon, and signed to abetter label…with better and fairer representation. Hey Psy, if you out there can you open up a spot for No Min Woo on P Nation label????


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