Nam Tae Hyun Opens Up About His Difficult Financial Situation After Leaving YG Entertainment

In a recent episode of MBC Every1’s “Video Star,” Nam Tae Hyun talked about how his life changed after leaving his label and going solo and how it affected his finance.

He admitted that it wasn’t easy to go solo, he said,

“You have to do everything on your own for my sake and for the members. This includes hair, stylists and such.”

He also added that his band songs are not charting well which makes things even more difficult. He explained,

“When you’re a part of a big company all the production cost is covered by them but since I am solo I have to pay for everything on my own.”

He also shocked fans when he revealed that he pays his employees through loans adding,

“I pay my employees from my own money or through a loan.”

Are you shocked by what he said? What do you think of his band tracks?

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