LOTTE Duty Free has released an official apology after the huge backlash they received for the poor handling of BLACKPINK’s performance during their family festival.

BLACKPINK was scheduled to perform four songs on June 22nd LOTTE DUTY FREE Family Festival, the girls were performing their 3rd song ‘Forever Young,’ when a staff member rushed to the stage and stopped the girls from finishing the song.

LOTTE Duty Free released the following statement:

“Hello, this is LOTTE DUTY FREE Family Festival Management.

We are extending our sincere apologies for the temporary interruption happened during BLACKPINK’S opening performance at 7:30 PM in LOTTE DUTY FREE Family Festival on June 22nd.

Family Festival Management decided that the safety of the audience is the top priority and thus, the performance has been interrupted during BLACKPINK’s third song, ‘Forever Young’.

Hence, BLACKPINK has been unable to resume to perform the succeeding scheduled stages and unfortunately had to leave the concert.

The management would like to apologize once again to BLACKPINK, BLACKPINK fans and to all audiences and thank you for your valuable time in visiting our concert yesterday in spite of the hot weather. We will put our best efforts to make today’s concert better.

June 23, 2018

LOTTE DUTY FREE Family Festival Management”

What do you think of their apology?


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