Lee Je Hoon Confirms Comeback With Upcoming SBS Drama


The wait is over, Lee Je Hoon is coming back to the small screen!

Lee Je Hoon has finally confirmed his appearance in the upcoming SBS drama “Yeowoo Gaksibyeol”!

His agency, Saram Entertainment, confirmed that he is appearing in the upcoming SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama on June 15.

“Yeowoo Gaksibyeol” is a drama that’ll focus on the lives of those who work at Incheon Airport. The drama gained attention for being written by screenwriter Kang Eun Kyung who wrote “Baker King, Kim Tak Goo,” “Gu Family Book,” and “Romantic Doctor Kim.” It will be directed by Shin Woo Chul who previously directed popular dramas such as “Secret Garden,” “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” and “Gu Family Book.”

It will be Lee Je Hoon first drama appearance in a year and a half since tvN’s “Tomorrow with You.” In 2017, he focused on films and appeared in many productions such as “I can Speak.”

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My Thoughts

So excited for this, I missed him so much. In 2017, he had a hit movie that was well received by critics and fans. He is so underrated, I hope that he achieves success with this drama; he is such a talented actor.

I heard Chae Soo Bin is up for the female lead but hasn’t confirmed yet, I don’t know how to feel about the pairing since she is almost 10 years younger than him, but again, she doesn’t look her age so we’ll have to wait and see.

The writer and director are both two of my favorite. “Romantic Doctor Kim” was a good drama, and we all loved “Secret Garden.”

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