Kim So Hyun showed a mature side of herself in her most recent photo shoot with Cosmopolitan.

She’s July cover girl, she looked both charming and romantic at the same time.

The actress is currently enjoying a break from her busy blossoming career, she is smiling while lying on the grass, fans are able to catch a glimpse of her youthful beauty.

The actress noted that the sky and ocean looked so pretty when the sunset, she then talked about why she liked wine more, she said,

“Wine was the first type of alcohol I had with my mom, this is why I am most comfortable with it. Since I am yet getting used to drinking, I find family-friendly festivals nice.”

She also talked about how she struggles with finding herself, she said,

“It was a feeling that I was missing myself by seeing myself through others’ eyes. I am trying to find myself by resting. If I take on a bright role in the drama, I feed off the positive energy for two to three months, and when I return to Kim So Hyun I feel like I’m sinking. I want to play a 20-year-old college student who is fit for my age.”

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