Jinyoung And Baro Leave B1A4 And WM Entertainment, What will happen to B1A4?


Kpop Fans were shocked today by unexpected news. Exclusive reports claimed that Jinyoung and Baro left B1A4 and WM Entertainment following lengthy contract discussion period.

Not too long after those reports WM Entertainment stepped up to confirm them and released an official statement explaining that Jinyoung and Baro did indeed leave their group and the agency while Sandeul, CNU, and Gongchan have re-signed.

The group’s 7 year contract expired back on April 23rd, but they decided to extend it to June 30 to discuss possibility of renewal. WM Entertainment released the following statement:

“Good morning. This is WM entertainment.

We will give you the official position regarding renewal contracts of B1A4 members.B1A4’s Jin Young and Baro have been together with us since 2011, their contracts expired on June 30, 2018, they will not be renewing their contracts with us.WM Entertainment has decided to respect their choice of pursuing their own path in order to fulfill their dreams, after discussing for a long time before the expiration of the exclusive contract with them.

We are also sincerely cheering for the new start of our members, who decided to make a fresh start with us again; we will discuss the direction of their future activities and make a decision.

Sandeul, CNU, and Gongchan have completed contract renewal with trust and affection as the reason.

As a result, we will concentrate on the reorganization/reconstruction of the B1A4, and we will carefully discuss and decide on the future direction of the activities.

In the future, we will do our best to spare no effort for the growth of Sandeul, CNU, and Gongchan. We will do our best for fans that love B1A4 and give generous support.

We would like to express our sincere apologies for the fans for worrying you all, we ask you to continue showing love for B1A4 as they start a new line.”

B1A4 is one of the second generation Kpop groups that debuted back in 2011 with “O.K” and have continued to release various hits throughout their career.

In recent years, all of the members worked on establishing their own solo careers, Jinyoung composed tracks for popular Kpop groups and made a name for himself as an actor, he appeared in various productions most notably in “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.”

Baro has also established a name for himself as a noteworthy actor, he appeared in various productions most recently “Manhole.”

Wishing all the current and former members the best!

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My Thoughts

I am so shocked right now… can’t imagine how bana must be feeling right now! This is very unexpected, I don’t think a lot of people anticipated this. B1A4 always looked like a solid group and they’re successful in their own country and overseas.

They’re one of the very few Kpop groups that didn’t experience much controversy, I still can’t wrap my head around this decision.

But I guess people grow up and their outlook on life and what they want to be when they grow up changes constantly. A part of me thinks that B1A4 is over, the agency didn’t say that they will continue releasing group music, they said they’ll discuss, so there is a chance that its over!

I mean if one left that would be okay, maybe they can rebrand and reconstruct, but two out of 5 is almost half, and the question also becomes, ‘will they ever succeed if they released a track as 3 member group?’

I wish them all the best, Jin Young and Baro are talented actors so I bet it won’t take long before an agency announces that they’re a part of them.

This is still shocking!



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