APink members have been actively promoting and gearing up for their next highly anticipated comeback.

Their upcoming 7th mini album “ONE & SIX” has been receiving a lot of buzz from both national and international fans that are excited to see their girls back with new tracks.

Their seventh mini album “ONE & SIX” will be released on July 2 at 6 p.m. KST.

Recently, Na Eun attended an event on the 16th of June, but her appearance has been sparking debate among fans and spectators alike.


People are comparing her older photos with the newest ones; many pointed out how beautiful she looked in black but noticed that her nose looks slightly different.

Some suspect that its plastic surgery while others think its just different make up technique.

Her fellow member Namjoo has been in the news not too long ago, she was also seen looking very different but it was clearer that she had done something to her face.

I said it back then and I say it now, if a woman likes changing something about her appearance leave her be.

I have seen photos, but it looks like Na Eun’s nose is slightly thinner, but a part of me doubts its plastic surgery. She has cute chubby cheeks and she might have lost weight for her group’s upcoming comeback.

She has grown up from a cute lady to a sexy lady; she looks amazing in the photos.

And please, don’t hate on her! Even if she ever ends up confirming she did something to her face, its her life, not yours!



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