Idol Turned Actress Kim Jae Kyung Joins Jang Hyuk In Upcoming Drama

Former Rainbow member and idol turned actress Kim Jae Kyung has joined the upcoming MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Bad Papa.” Her agency confirmed in a statement on June 18.

“Bad Papa” tells the story of a man who chooses to become a bad person for the sake of his family. Jang Hyuk is taking on the role of Yoo Ji Chul, a former boxing champion whose life get ruined after losing his fame, money and family all at once. He tries to stand again on his feet as a mixed martial arts fighter with the help of a mysterious drug; he then tries to find the family he lost.

Kim Jae Kyung is taking on the role of Cha Ji Woo, the ace detective and the youngest in her unit. She finds herself unexpectedly stuck in solving a mysterious case.

“Bad Papa” will be written by Kim Sung Min and directed by Jin Chang Kyu who previously directed “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People.”

The drama is slated to air after “Partners for Justice” and “Life-and-Death Romance” currently aiming to air in September.

What do you think of the casting choice?

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