Heartbreaking Kdrama Deaths We’re Still Not Over Yet – Idols Edition

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Kdramas have many types, some range from sweet rom-coms to horrible soap operas with lots of deaths and heartache.

Although many kdrama fans tune in for the rom-coms, there are fair amount of fans that love watching heartbreaking kdramas that ruins our makeup, mood and have us glued to our screens.

Today, at jazminemedia.com I thought it would only be appropriate to talk about Kdrama deaths that many kdrama fans are still not over yet.

B1A4’s Jinyoung, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

B1A4’s Jinyoung is one of the most talented idol-actors out there; he took on the second leading role of scholar Kim Yoon Sung who was born to a powerful family in the popular drama “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.”

He falls in love with Kim Yoo Jung’s character Ra On but he fails to capture her heart as she falls in love with the crown price Lee Young (played by Park Bo Gum).

In the last episode of the drama, some assassins attempt to kill Ra On, luckily for her; Yoon Sung finds out about it and defends her from the swords of the assassins.

In the process, he gets stabbed many many times, in his chest and his abdomen. Despite the blood-shedding, he continues to take on each and every one of them until he stopped them all.

He ends up passing away in Ra On’s arms, he asks her to be happy and says,

“You are the picture I always wanted to draw.”

EXO’s Baekhyun, Scarlet Heart Ryeo

There must be a curse within idol-actors when they take on drama roles.

Next on this list is one of the most heartbreaking tearjerking scenes of all historical kdramas.

EXO’s Baekhyun takes on the role of 10th Prince Wang Eun in “Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” the playful young prince who loves his brothers and has a sweet tender heart unlike his elder brothers.

He’s forced to marry Park Soon Deok played by Z.Hera, but he ends up falling in love with her, by the time their relationship starts to develop, they fall prey to King Jeongjong ambitions and greed.

His wife dies first before his eyes, as he holds her in his hands crying helplessly an arrow goes through his arms injuring him, Lee Joon Gi’s character Wang So tries to protect him but that doesn’t stop King Jeongjong from firing an arrow straight into Eun.

Eun falls down to the floor and asks his elder brother So for one last favor/gift, he tells him that he wants to join his wife and doesn’t want to stay here, Wang So ends up honoring his wish and ends his misery.

EXO’s Chanyeol, Missing 9

Chanyeol is another EXO member who spread his wings into the acting world. He took on the role of Lee Yeol in the “Missing 9.” It was his first major supporting role in a broadcasting station.

He plays the role of a successful solo artist who’s friendly and easy-going; he has a bright outlook on life as he tries to survive in the island after the airplane crash.

However, an annoying malicious idol Choi Tae Ho who was one of the survivors as well ends up killing him ‘accidentally.’ He ends up getting into a fight with Yeol and beats him so badly his head crashes into a rock and he dies.

Safe to say, EXO fans didn’t take the early death of Chanyeol well; many hate Choi Tae Joon because his character killed Chanyeol’s.

If its any of consolation, Chanyeol and Choi Tae Joon are good friends in real life.

BTS’s V, Hwarang

BTS’s V took on his first drama role ever with the popular historical drama “Hwarang.” He played the role of Suk Han Sung, he is the youngest hwarang of his peers, he has a warm personality and gets along well with everyone.

He develops a great relationship with the rest of the hwarangs, but when he finds out that his elder half-brother wants Park Seo Joon’s character Woo Rang dead, he interferes, and to the shock of everyone watching, he dies.

He defends Woo Rang from his half-brother deadly venom laced sword, he holds the sword with is two hands and begs his brother to let go, sadly, the venom spreads so fast through is body.

Woo Rang carries his lifeless body as he struggles to breathe, he dies in his hands.

Infinite’s L, Ruler: Master Of The Mask

Infinite’s L gave his all for the 2017 hit historical drama “Ruler: Master of the Mask.”

He even received an award for his performance in the historical drama; fans loved how much he improved throughout the years.

He plays the role of the common-man Lee Sun, who ends up pretending to be the crown prince, his greed grows and he falls in love with Kim So Hyun’s character Ga Eun.

In the last episode of the drama, Sun dies while protecting the love he could never have.

Some people try to kill her and he interferes and blocks the knives. He ends up the one who dies in her steed while taking his last breath, he thanks her for giving him a name and a life while he apologizes to Lee Sun (the crown prince) for mistreating him, he asks for his forgiveness, he dies in their hands as they cry.

I don’t know whether I should be happy with seeing idol-actors breakthrough with good performances or feel very sad that a lot of them actually end up dead by the end of it.

Which one of these deaths hit you the most? Which one was the most heartbreaking?

Leave your opinion in the comment section below. I must admit, all Scarlet Heart Ryeo deaths were very heartbreaking and that drama OST sang by Im Sun Hae makes it worse!

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