GOT7’s Youngjae Pleads To Saesangs To STOP Sending Him Messages

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GOT7’s Youngjae is suffering from privacy invasion.

Youngjae has posted an Instagram post begging and warning so-called fans once again to stop sending him messages on Kakaotalk.

He posted a cute photo of his dog looking all tired, he captioned,

“Stop, just stop sending me Kakaotalk messages. Please. Stop, (it’s been) 5 months. Really, please. stopstopstopstopstopstoptstopstopstop.”

Fans could sense the idol’s frustration with some of these so-called fans that refuse to leave him alone. Kakaotalk is a platform for messaging popularly used in South Korea, similar to WhatsApp.

A few hours after that post, he posted another sweet photo of his dog Coco and captioned,

“Real nice! Its been so long ㅠㅠ”

Fans believe the second post linked to his previous post. GOT7 fans are not happy that their idol has to plead so much on his instagram account to politely ask those saesangs to STOP invading his privacy.

Its also a bit frustrating that he’s been suffering from this issue for so long, why does he have to change his number because of those who refuse to respect his privacy?

Some fans said, “Stop doing this!!! He deserves so much better. He doesn’t need kakaotalks sent….block the people youngjae. I hate saesangs,” “im sorry all these are happening to you. please respect his personal life and privacy,” “Guys really stop,I understand you are loving Youngjae but it is not kindly and it is very disturbing.”

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