“Goblin” Season 2- Gong Yoo Says He’s Down To Play The Role Of Kim Shin Again

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Gong Yoo just gave fans hope of “Goblin” season 2, all those who thought the ending wasn’t that good felt happy when Gong Yoo discussed the possibility of returning to reprise the role of Kim Shin.

On June 24, the actor visited Taipei, Taiwan to promote the Asus ZenFone 5. The event organizer held a special early birthday party for the actor who’s turning 39 (40 in Korean age) this upcoming July 10.

The actor was happy with the sweet surprise but also joked, “You’re making me become 40 years old early like this.”

When he was about to blow the candles, the actor was asked to make a wish, he shared that he hopes all his fans always feel happy and healthy, he also revealed that he is looking to greet his fans with a new production soon.

The MC of the event asked a question that all of us have thought of before, he asked if the actor would ever participate in “Goblin 2” if he had received an offer.

The actor hesitated before answering, he said,

“I don’t think there are any plans for season 2, but if there were would they still be giving me an offer?”

The MC answered, “Of course, they would!”

Gong Yoo then replied,

“There isn’t any reason why I’d reject it if I were to be given the offer.”

Fans got extremely happy when they heard the actor’s answer. However, in Korean dramas its very rare that a second season of the drama is ever made and since “Goblin” had a nice ending it’s probably not coming back with a season 2.

What do you guys think about the possibility of “Goblin 2”? Would you still watch the drama?

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