Girl Generation’s Tiffany Is Super Proud BTS’s V And His Group’s Immense Success

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Girl Generation’s Tiffany is super happy and proud of her hoobae BTS’s V success.

Tiffany is promoting her solo release, she sat down for an interview with Billboard and talked about many things, the interviewer touched on the subject of BTS’s global success.

Tiffany revealed that she personally congratulated V on the success of his group, she said,

“I know V, and I remember randomly coming across their interviews and their videos, and I just had to congratulate him and say, ‘Congratulations, I hope you and your bandmates are having a blast. It’s so good to see this all happening for you.’

You know, there’s a sense of pride, and I don’t know, I feel like a proud sibling, because I remember introducing one of their earlier songs when they were debuting. So congratulations, and I’m excited to see what’s ahead for them as well, and the rest of K-pop.”

She was also asked about what kind of advice she’d like to give BTS’s V, she said,

“Your bandmate is the only person who will understand the process. Years from now, they are still going to be that safe space where you feel understood, and I hope you guys cherish that and embrace that, even starting now.”

Tiffany is such a sweet sunbae~

Here is the full video link for you to watch below:

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