Gdragon Reportedly Forced Out Of Hospital Despite Ongoing Ankle Rehabilitation Treatment  


An exclusive report by OSEN claimed that Gdragon was forced out of his hospital room despite ongoing ankle surgery rehabilitation treatment at the Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital.

The report claims that he was moved to his army division in Chulwon on June 29 without the consent from himself or his legal guardians. When the report circulated around the internet and gained attraction, Yangzhou representatives simply stated that the Ministry of Defense should be contacted for further explanation and refused to give one.

YG Entertainment released an initial statement saying that they’re looking into the matter and that they have no contact with Gdragon as he’s in the military.

Later, YG Entertainment issued a statement confirming that he indeed left the hospital, they said,

“We heard from his family that he was discharged from the hospital, and that he has returned to his army division in Chulwon.”

Despite the OSEN report released earlier today, and instead of refuting the claims made by OSEN, YG Entertainment chose to simply confirm that he left without commenting on the reason why he left.

The idol has been embroiled in controversy when it was confirmed that he received ankle surgery. Dispatch released a report claiming he was getting preferential treatment, their claims were denied by both  YG Entertainment and the Ministry of National Defense, which stood up to the idol not once but twice to refute the claims made by Dispatch.

The Ministry of National Defense is still unreachable.

What do you think of this?

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