Cao Lu Is The Last Former FIESTAR Member To Leave Fave Entertainment

Cao Lu, the former FIESTAR member, has decided not to renew her contract with Fave Entertainment.

On June 1st, a source from the agency revealed to Xportsnews that she has decided not to renew, her contract had expired in the end of May.

This makes Cao Lu the last FIESTAR member to leave her group. Yezi, Jei, Linzy, and Hyemi previously left the group back in late April when their contracts expired.

Wishing Cao Lu the best!

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My Thoughts

I kinda saw that one coming! If all the members left, it might mean that they were not very pleased with the way they were treated by their agency, or that they wanted more and couldn’t have it.

I always thought that FIESTAR was really underappreciated, they deserved more attention! Yezi and Cao Lu were the only members anyone really knew of.

I wish all the members the best!

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