BTS’s V Sends Park Seo Joon A Unique Gift Only A True Friend Would Send

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BTS’s V has humor and likes to put his hyungs on the spot every once and a while!

BTS’s V is the next friend that sent Park Seo Joon a coffee cart to the set of his upcoming tvN drama “Why Secretary Kim?” Previously, Park Hyung Sik sent a coffee truck to the set of his close friend as well.

However, BTS’s V gift is a little different and slightly embarrassing for Park Seo Joon of course, but hilarious to the rest of us fans.

In the coffee truck he sent one of the banners had an unflattering selfie of Park Seo Joon, Park Seo Joon attempts to hide the double chin in his selfie alongside the coffee truck, he posted photos of it and captioned,

“Cute little guy. Thank you and I love you. Thank you and love you, but you should know it’s not good to do this? I still love you though.”

BTS’s V met Park Seo Joon on the set of KBS historical drama “Hwarang” back in 2016, they have maintained close friendship ever since, they meet up every once and a while and share photos of their gatherings with fans.

#대스타가대스타에게 . . 아~주 멋드러진 #퉤퉤#뷔 가수님 사진의 포토보드와 아~주 유니크한 #박서준 배우님 사진의 #x배너 를 걸고 있자니 매우 뿌듯하네요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ . . 절친 #뷔 가수님께서 #커그 #여름이야기 음료에 #수제팥빙수 #요거트생과일빙수 까지 아주아주 풍성하게 준비해 달라고 하시며 커그 풀셋 장착 후 출동시키셨습니다 스케줄 소화하시면서도 중간중간 재밌는 문구 씽크빅 가동해 주셔서 커그도 재밌게 디자인했는데요 아주 개구지셔~ㅋㅋ . . #김비서가왜그럴까 이제 내일이면 첫방! 본!방!사!수! #우주대훈남 #박서준 배우님 화이팅! . . . 커그는 오늘도 최선을 다하겠습니다 찾아 주시는 모든 분들 감사합니다🙇 #커그 #커피차 #서포트 #파젠다 #대한민국1호미국SCAA인증큐그레이더 #이종혁 CUPPER

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