BTS Surpass Gong Yoo And Song Joong Ki As The Most Desired Models


BTS popularity is exploding!

The boys are sought out after many companies, everyone wants to sign BTS. An advertisement expert confirms.

The brand value of the group went up because of their growing global popularity, BTS is the number one most wanted endorsement models.

Gong Yoo and Song Joong Ki have always been the top models in their fields, they receive about 900 million KRW (around 834,879 USD) to 1 billion KRW (927,644 USD) per ad.

BTS has higher guarantee than them, the advertisement expert revealed that whatever BTS side calls and asks for becomes their payment.

Despite their high brand value, their extreme busy schedule prevents them from accepting more advertisement offers since they don’t only film the ad, but also attend fansign events and many other things.


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