BLACKPINK’s Jennie Made This Cute Mistake On “Idol Room,” Then Hits Herself For It


BLACKPINK have made their first appearance on the new idol variety program “Idol Room.”

On June 23, the girls featured as guest on JTBC’s “Idol Room,” during the show Jennie made the cutest mistake.

The girls talked about the inspiration behind their official fan light stick that they had designed themselves, Jennie said,

“We were inspired by ‘Weekly Idol.’”

Jennie then immediately realized that she might have made a mistake by mentioning Jung Hyung Don and Defconn’s previous variety show, she ended up saying, “Im so sorry,” and added, “We were inspired by a variety show, oh no, what should I do?”

She then cutely tapped herself on the head with her light stick. Jennie then explained more about how she got the inspiration exactly,

“I got hit really hard with an inflated hammer. After getting hit, we were thinking about making a light stick, then I got the idea that time.”

Finally, we know for sure that BLACKPINK used weekly idol’s popular hammer.


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