BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is The Fastest Kpop Idol To Reach 2 Million Followers On Instagram’s-Jennie.jpg

BLACKPINK’s Jennie new instagram account is generating huge buzz.

She has recently reached the 2 million followers on instagram in a record breaking time; she reached this milestone in just 3 days.

Jennie, along with the rest of her group members have opened Instagram accounts celebrating their highly anticipated comeback on June 15.

Which is shocking considering that she only shared 3 posts so far. Which are selfies of her in different places.’s-Jennie.jpg

Lisa has also recently reached the 2 million followers on instagram, Rose and Jisoo are at 1.9 million followers.

You can check out Jennie’s account @jennierubyjane.

unforgettable moments🖤

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