BLACKPINK is breaking more records with their most recent release “DU-DDU DU-DUU.”

Aside from breaking YouTube records and charts records domestically, the group has broken yet another record that no one thought they would.

They became the first K-Pop girl group to enter the HOT 100 Billboard list since 2009. The only other Kpop group that has held this record was Wonder Girls with their hit track “Nobody,” the track was released in 2009.

“Nobody” charted at #67, BLACKPINK not only broke into the HOT 100 but also set a new unprecedented record for a girl Kpop group, they charted at #55, the highest a Kpop girl group was ever able to get.

Fans and experts were speculating that the track would rank in the 80s slot but were pleasantly surprised when it ranked so much higher.  The track has also peaked at #27 on the Japan Top 100 Chart on June 23rd.

BLACKPINK is only the 3rd Kpop group to break through the HOT 100, the other groups who managed to do this were BTS and Wonder Girls. BTS reached #10 spot with “Fake Love” and #67 with “DNA.”

Looks like 2018 will be BLACKPINK’s year! Congrats!

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