BLACKPINK Escorted Off Stage Mid-Performance, Fans Slam Event Organizer For Poor Management


BLACKPINK fans are mad right now, and for a very good reason!

On June 22, the girls were one of the groups performing at the “2018 Lotte Duty Free Family Festival.” The festival was held in a big venue and fans were very happy to see the girls.

The event took place at the Jamsil Sports Complex Stadium in Seoul. The performers lineup was impressive for a family event.

The girls were originally there to perform four tracks, “As If It’s Your Last”, “Stay”, “Forever Young”, and “DDU-DU DDU-DU.”

However, things ended very badly and suddenly when a female staff member ran on the stage mid performance and stopped the girls from continuing with their performance.

The music was suddenly cut off and the girls were baffled by the situation, it took BLACKPINK a while to realize that they couldn’t keep performing.

The staff member escorted the girls off stage and they appeared to be talking, the staff member was probably explaining the situation to the girls.

Fans booed the stage, after BLACKPINK left, an announcement explained that there has been ‘internal conflicts,’ they added that the performance will resume once the issue was taken care of.

However, ‘hardly shocking for fans’ BLACKPINK didn’t return to continue performing; fans were very displeased with the way the girls were treated.

The event organizers interrupted them mid-performance and caused an issue, YG Entertainment hasn’t issued a statement yet that

Fans both national and international are demanding an explanation of what really happened.

Watching this video is extremely annoying, poor BLACKPINK had to go through this.

Check out the video below. What do you guys think of this?

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My Thoughts

Well… this is infuriating, there is no way I could watch this without swearing!

I want to hold it in and not say things I might regret but mannnn those event organizers suck at their job. Now, we wait for an explanation hopefully we get a good one.

Some fans say that they were cut off because a lot of people and fans were still waiting outside in line and had no time to get into the venue. But the girls have performed 2 songs and were going for the 3rd, why did you stop them?

Besides, if the error was technical/safety they should have said so, they should’ve explained it. Saying that it’s an ‘internal conflict’ is highly suspicious and rings badly in my ear and everyone’s ear as well.

You don’t need to be a fan of the group to care, why are some event organizers so bad at their job?

Its embarrassing to be cut off middle performance, they should’ve let them finish the song (if there was no hazard) and then tell them to get off stage.

The way that woman walked on stage was so unprofessional. I understand why the girls didn’t return to perform, why  should anyone return to perform on the same stage they were escorted away from?

Of course, I will wait for an official explanation from both YG and Lotte, Lotte better have a good explanation why they did this to the girls.


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