BIGBANG’s Daesung Promoted To An Assistant Instructor In His Military Division’s-Daesung-military.jpg

Is there anything Daesung can’t do?

According to a source from the personnel department of the 27th Division recruit training center (which is where Daesung has been serving), the idol was promoted to an assistant instructor on June 15.

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The idol didn’t get that position easily. The position is said to be given to those who have good attitude and serve well in their division, it was revealed that he had applied for the position and after being interviewed, he was selected for the job. The source also revealed that his training scores are excellent, which explains why he was selected for this role.

The idol enlisted back on March 13, and after completing his five months of basic military training, he was assigned to that division. He will be discharged in December 2019.

We’re proud of you Daesung!

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