BIGBANG’s leader Gdragon has been under the spotlight again recently, he was involved in a controversy regarding preferential treatment while he is in the army hospital.

Amid all these allegations and fight for the truth, a creepy Instagram post has freaked out and disgusted VIPs all around the world, even those who are still suspicious that Gdragon received preferential treatment.

The Instagram post features a picture of a human body with details of what kind of scars and tattoos Gdragon has and more.

It’s being called an observation log, an anonymous soldier has detailed Gdragon’s body to his girlfriend, he also added what kind of watches he wears going as far to detail the size of his underwear and shoes.

His equally creepy and stupid girlfriend thought it was a good idea to share this online to her Instagram following, the photo has gained so much attraction, some fans began demanding the soldier who did this be held responsible.

The soldier wrote this note to his girlfriend,

“I thought you were curious, so let me tell you about what I have noticed so far.”

The soldier also shared that the idol shakes everybody’s hands. The post triggered so many people online and for all the good reasons, this is a new level of privacy invasion.

Despite the controversy Gdragon is involved in, people are on his side on this one thing, the way this soldier behaved and how low and creepy he treated his fellow soldier proves us that Gdragon is right about being overprotective of his privacy.

Fans and spectators alike are demanding the soldier be held responsible for what he did.

What do you think of this?


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