“Are You Human Too?” Achieves Its Highest Ratings To Date With The Absence Of Its Competition


KBS’s new drama “Are You Human Too?” has achieved good ratings this week, all thanks in part to the emptied spots by its competition.

On Tuesday 12th of June broadcast, both “Wok of Love” and “Partners for Justice” didn’t air that day because of 2018 US and north Korean summit.

As a result, it achieved 7.7% and 9.9% which is a record breaker; it achieved the 9% for the first time, the drama that had previously ruled the time slot was MBC’s “Partners for Justice,” it had held the spot of the highest rated drama till yesterday.

“Wok of Love” and “Are You Human Too?” were neck in neck in the ratings battle for Monday’s 11th of June, they were competing closely to the second spot. Both achieving ratings in the 6% range.

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