10+ Hidden Messages You Might Have Missed In BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” MV

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The one and only YG Entertainment girl group is finally back and they’re back with a bang!

They have released their first mini album titled “Square Up” on June 15 at 06:00 p.m. KST. The girls have been away for a while and fans were super excited to finally hear their voices again.

Their title track “DDU-DU DDU-DU” has achieved amazing results on real-time charts, the sub-title track “Forever Young” is currently number two on all major real time charts as well. B-side tracks “Really” and “See U Later” are also doing well.

The MV has reached the 10 million views in record breaking 6 hours; making it the fastest girl Kpop group MV to reach the 10 million views.

So while you keep streaming their new hit song, I decided to take a look at things you might have missed in their cool comeback MV “DDU-DU DDU-DU.”

The MV is a direct hit towards haters and bashers

First of all, I think its obvious that this MV is a slap in the face to all haters who attribute BLACKPINK’s success to YG Entertainment and to all those who claim the group is highly overrated.

The set itself shows the girls in a set that is up in the air and surrounded by water as if they’re far and cannot be reached easily, the girls are establishing their reign in today’s Kpop scene with their unique charms and amazing songs.

In my opinion, it feels like the set was deliberately made to be high up in the air as if they’re on another level, far away indicating that BLACKPINK is on another level not easy to reach by just anyone.

Taking down the king

Jennie is first up, she’s sitting on a high chair rapping her part, with the queen she has in her hands she slaps down the king indicating that its game over to all haters.

Also, the chess part she’s holding is black laced in pink.

Swimming in money but locked up

Next up is Lisa, who shows up in her sword ready to take down all haters, she is swimming in money; loads of cash can be seen behind her, its raining money.

She tells haters that with the knife they have they think they can attack her and “do anything stupid.” like a little child who has a sword in his hands and doesn’t know how to use it.

She explains that it didn’t come from nothing, she says ‘hands full of fat checks, if you’re wondering fact check,’ pointing out to their group’s huge success with chart domination, as if she’s telling haters that her group’s success didn’t come from nothing, but they worked extremely hard for it.

She is also locked up by a safe, it could be that she is trying to reference YG’s over-protectiveness of them. He is known for locking them up for a while. This could be in reference to their long hiatus even though they’re still a relatively young group.

In that safe, she is comfortable. It has all the money she wants in it. But at the end of her verse, she is out of it, which could be referring to the fact that they’re now out of their dungeon ready to promote for a while.

High up and glamours

Rose is up next, she is dressed in black and looks up to a beautiful white rose who is glowing in her beautiful dress, normal Rose who wears a darker color looks high up to the beautiful white Rose singing and charming people with her looks and voice. Two different personas (on and off stage).

Shelter from spitting fire

Jisoo is in a dark place holding her umbrella up as if she’s protecting herself from the spits of fire coming at her, similar to negative malicious comments, as if she’s protecting herself with her black umbrella.

The fire sparkles hit the ground but fail to hurt or reach Jisoo.

Smashing other’s dream bucket list

Jennie is seen wearing over the top outfits, bragging about all the things she can buy of other hater’s bucket lists. She is pointing out that she can get what she wants, whenever she wants and however she wants it, she can also wreck it, she worked hard for it, unlike haters who keep claiming BLACKPINK got it all easy.

Public perception and pressure

Jisoo slays with her vocals in this part (had to fangirl), she is sporting a very short haircut (showing she matured and grew out of her cuter younger image), people are still paying attention to the sweet old Jisoo who had longer more desirable hair.

But once she trips and falls, people are quick to film her and attack her for slipping up. As if people around her are ignoring her change in appearance as long as it doesn’t please them but are quick to judge her and slander her the moment slips up. They’re wearing masks hiding behind their phone posting malicious comments.

Rose and her cage

Again, Rose is far from reach and swinging up there in her expensive chandelier, asking haters,

‘You may not know well yet, if you want then test me. You’re predictable if you wanted something easy.’

She is making fun of haters who try to test her but she keeps disappointing them with the group’s results in charts, MV records and more. She is in a cage swinging, this usually means that she could be caged and feels public pressure by those who watch her swing.

So what do you guys think of my prediction and analysis of the MV? Did I miss something? Let me know in the comment section below! Don’t forget to share this MC with your friends!

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    1. Yeah Kim Nam Ji I liked the song so so much that I even bought one of the expensive outfits in that video I bought the long hoodie Jisoo was wearing in the part she fell down and I think Jisoo’s hair looks cute short, pink, and the bangs look amazing on her right

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