Yoon Si Yoon Decides On His Next Project, To Play Twins In Upcoming SBS Drama


Actor Yoon Si Yoon is not taking a break any time soon; the beloved actor has already decided on his next project, he will come back with SBS’s “Dear Judge” in July.

He will play two roles for the upcoming drama, two identical twins Han Su Ho and Han Kang Ho. Han Su Ho is a judge who goes by the book while Han Kang Ho is convicted criminal who replaces his brother when he suddenly disappears.

The upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama has already secured an air date, it will prmiere following the end of the upcoming drama “The Undateables” which airs its first episode on May 23rd.

Are you excited about the upcoming drama?

My Thoughts

hmmmm…. This kinda reminds me of “Switch”! Jang Geun Suk oppa currently airing drama, a con artists covers up for a prosecutor who goes by the book.

Have you guys noticed that 2018 has been all about twins? This isn’t the first drama that features an actor who tackles two roles. The upcoming SBS drama “Are You Human Too?” also features Seo Kang Joon playing two roles.

The drama plot outline is not THAT interesting or THAT original, if the teasers turn out well, I will watch the upcoming drama.

Yoon Si Yoon is grinding hard these days! Fighting oppa!


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