The Real Reason Why BTS Changed “Fake Love” Lyrics At 2018 Billboard Music Awards Finally Revealed


BTS is all about respect!

BTS has recently made their comeback with “Love Yourself: Tear.” On May 24th they held a press conference to discuss their newest comeback.

BTS fans noticed that the group’s changed the lyrics to their song “Fake Love” in the first ever live performance of the song at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

“Naega,” is the Korean word for “I am,” and “niga,” is the Korean word for “you are,” to avoid being mistaken for saying the N-word, Suga and Jhope parts were changed slightly.

RM explained,

“They were a lot of people hearing the song for the very first time, but when you hear a song on that part as English, it could create misunderstandings. So I thought that it would be better to change the lyrics to the point that it won’t ruin the sound of the song.”

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How do you feel about the lyrics change?

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My Thoughts

With fame comes a set of responsibilities, BTS did well here!

Some were not very happy with the lyrics change but when you’re surrounded by American singers black, white and of all other ethnicities, its best not to cause an unnecessary misunderstanding, the boys don’t need bad press at the moment.

In fact, I respect them even more after that decision, when you visit a country its best you respect their culture just like you’d expect them to respect yours if they ever visited.

The N-word as far as I know is a very sensitive subject, people careers were ruined because they said that word, no need for that to happen to BTS!


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