Taeyeon’s Heartbreaking Comment On Jonghyun’s Instagram Breaks Fans Hearts


Girls Generation Taeyeon is known for being a very close friend of the late SHINee Jonghyun, the two collaborated on many occasions and supported each other in various activities.

Taeyeon was one of the most heartbroken idols following the sudden devastating news of Jonghyun’s passing. She had attended his funeral and was captured by cameras crying her eyes out. Fans consoled Taeyeon.

Recently, fans noticed that Taeyeon had written a short heartbreaking comment to one of Jonghyun’s instagram photos on his account which has been left untouched after he passed away.

She wrote,

“Jonghyun-ah, I miss you.”

Taeyeon’s comment on Jonghyun’s instagram post shows how much she misses him just like the rest of us, this made fans very sad.

After his passing Taeyeon took to her instagram to write a long heartfelt letter apologizing for not being there for Jonghyun, writing ‘I want to hug you once more” and “I miss you so much and want to hold your hands.”

We miss you Jonghyun!


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