SHINee Members Open Up About Trying To Move On After Jonghyun’s Sudden Passing

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For the first time as a group, SHINee members talked about the late Jonghyun and how they’re doing as much as they can to move on.

The four members were guests on MBC’s “Radio Star,” in a segment of the show, they opened up about Jonghuyn.

Minho said,

“Its only about Radio Star, but I was worried about doing shows all together, since we have to make it sound fun on these shows.

After some time had passed by, we grouped ourselves and talked about the future, but for a while were weren’t able to look the staff members in the eyes we saw everyday with him at the broadcast stations.”

Taemin teared up as he said,

“It was when I was going through a change (being more outgoing). Back then, I was ambitious about my solo activities, then I realized the importance of my members.”

Onew opened up about not being able to cry, he said he felt as if he wasn’t allowed to cry and even received therapy for not being able to cry because of the deep shock.

He also teared up and the hosts told him it was okay if he didn’t want to talk about bad thoughts, he nodded and apologized.

Key said,

“After it happened I received counseling and treatment for PTSDs (post-traumatic stress disorder). There’s a reason we chose to hold a concert in Japan right after the incident, we wanted to accept the reality and continue promoting. We wanted to do by ourselves not through someone else. It was hard at first when I went out and was asked by everyone if I was okay, this is why I took to my SNS and asked others to treat me the same so that I could go back to my normal life.”

The members were asked about their concert in Japan, Key noted,

“We stood on stage for hyung and the fans, and to send Jonghyun to a better place together with the fans. But it was hard reading comments saying we did for marketing. How could they leave such comments? Its not that we’re totally okay, we healed a bit.”

Minho then said,

“We aren’t going to be perfectly okay but I think its encouraging when people think of us as 5 on stage together when our music plays. As Key said before, we’re not totally okay but we’re trying hard to promote well, so watch kindly over us.”

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