If you needed more reasons to like Ryan Reynolds, this is the article for you!

The beloved Hollywood actor shocked everyone when he made a surprising appearance on the popular MBC show “King Of Masked Singer.”

He wore a unicorn mask and sang “Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie.” PD Oh Noo Ri of the show had nothing but praise for the actor who showed both consideration and professionalism when making an appearance on the show.

It was revealed that he didn’t even tell his wife about his secret appearance on the show. PD Oh Noo Ri explained that the mask part of the show must’ve been one of the factors that he might’ve considered when appearing on the show.

It is also believed that 20th Century Fox, the production company behind “Deadpool” which was one of the broadcasting stations that purchased the format rights to the show also had to do with the actor’s decision to appear on the show.

The American version will air in July.

Despite the actor’s extremely busy schedule (he had two days and one night in Korea) he put effort into the choice of the song, PD Oh Noo Ri revealed that he was extremely friendly and chose to perform ‘Tomorrow’ because it’s a song known to the Korean public.

Isn’t Ryan Reynolds the best?

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