New photos of Gdragon and T.O.P On Vacation From Military Revealed’s-T.O.P-gdragon.jpg

VIPs feel assured after new photos of BIGBANG’s Gdragon and T.O.P day off from the military were released.

Gdragon appears to be having fun on a day out with his buddies; a photo of them was captured and circulated online. Gdragon is smiling brightly in his white skull division outfit and appears to be healthy in the photos.

While T.O.P met up with previous IRIS co-star Lee Byun Hun at a famous noodles restaurant in Cheongdam, Seoul. The two continue to be close despite their large age gap, fans of the beloved series were very pleased with the mini IRIS reunion.

T.O.P has resumed his mandatory services as a public worker back in January, Gdragon will be discharged in November 2019.’s-T.O.P-gdragon.jpg’s-T.O.P-gdragon.jpg’s-T.O.P-gdragon.jpg

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