“My Ahjussi” has officially received a warning from Korea Communications Standards Commission for the controversial scene involving IU and Chang Ki Yong.

The scene of the first episode caused problems among Korean netizens who found it too disturbing and ended up reporting it for the KCSC (Korea Communications Standards Commission), back then the KCSC said they were looking into the subject.

In the controversial scene, IU’s character gets severely beaten up by Chang Ki Yong’s character. The KCSC commented explaining that dramas, unlike movies need to be more careful with the way they portray violence, thus tvN received an official warning for violating broadcasting rules.

The KCSC also explained that “My Ahjussi” poor depiction of a woman in danger could initiate fear in society.

What do you think of this?

My Thought

Really? Are you guys serious? What.the.actual.hell?

Can’t someone create a realistic portrayal of what actually goes on without some snowflake ruining it for everybody?

I am against violence and I don’t like seeing women get hurt but this drama, unlike the majority of kdramas, dared to go there. Go all the way for a realistic portrayal of what goes on for some people, it opens your eyes on the horrors less fortunate people have to go through, instead of burying it, we should discuss and eliminate it, how would people learn about it without it being on tv?

Whats wrong with this? Their reasoning for the warning doesn’t make sense in my opinion… I’ve always noticed that kdramas are often PG, this explains it, because whenever someone tries to break that, the KCSC knocks on their door and says ‘heeyyyyy, STOP IT’!