Following various reports saying Kim Dong Jun will replace Lee Seo Won, tvN confirmed the idol-actor will join the cast of the upcoming drama.

Kim Dong Jun will take on the role of Jo Jae Yoo, a musical genius who falls in love so hard that he can’t even believe it himself.

“About Time” tells the story of an actress (Lee Sung Kyung) who has the ability to see the lifespan clock of other people, she meets a man (Lee Sang Yoon) who can stop her time, they fall in love.

Although Jo Jae Yoo is part of the sub plot, the drama production revealed earlier that they won’t be editing out the character completely when they announced the removal of Lee Seo Won from the drama, they confirmed they will be casting someone else to play his role.

About casting Kim Dong Jun, they wrote,

“We have finalized casting Kim Dong Jun. He cancelled all his scheduled activities to start filming with us, thus we will begin shooting soon. We will make sure that the drama broadcast schedule won’t be disturbed, and we will try our best to show viewers a great production. Thank You!”

“About Time” will air its first episode on May 21 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

What do you think of the casting choice?

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My Thoughts

That’s actually a good choice. Kim Dong Jun is by far one of my favorite idol actors, I enjoyed him very much in “Black,” he’ll do well.

I feel so sorry for the production crew who will have to go through filming once again, because of someone like Lee Seo Won. I wished they wouldn’t stress themselves too much and would instead delay the premiere by one week or two and re-air special episodes of “My Ahjussi.”

I just hope that the same that happened to “My Ahjussi” won’t happen to them as well. Filming for new episodes while refilming for older episodes can and will be very exhausting. I just hope that they won’t suffer too much!