[BREAKING] FTISLAND’s Minhwan Personally Reveals Fiancé Yulhee Is Pregnant

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FTISLAND’s Minhwan has personally shared the news of his fiancé Yulhee pregnancy with his fans.

The couple has previously confirmed that they were in a relationship back in September 2017 and have announced their engagement in January 2018, which started many rumors of Yulhee’s pregnancy, back then the couple didn’t confirm.

On May 9, FTISLAND’s Minhwan personally wrote a letter to his band fan café stating that he wanted to be the first to let his fans know about the news before anyone else, besides confirming the pregnancy he also announced the wedding date.

Here is the full letter translation:

“Hello, everyone! This is Minhwan. Its been a while since I have written to the fan café, so its brining up a lot of thoughts of the old times. I feel like events from the past few years passed so fast like a dream..

From the public announcement of my relationship back in late 2017 to the sudden marriage news in the beginning of this year.. I think you all must’ve been really surprised… I am writing this letter to you because I want to rely my sincere feelings, rather than using formal language!

At first, I was honestly very scared and I wondered how I should tell you. You’ve supported me wholeheartedly for the past 10 years since I debuted at the young age of 16, I was worried I might be disappointing you with my decisions.

So more time passed, I have ended up telling you now like this… After giving it a lot of thought and after settling my thoughts I wanted to tell you every single big and small thing first to you, who have supported me and given love to FTSLAND.

I am going to be a dad soon! I am still very young and lacking in terms of becoming a father… but I am trying really hard so that I can become a good respectable father!

I wanted to tell you the happiest news quickly. The baby nickname is Jjang! I want our Jjang to be born quickly to this world so I can show them to all of you! The baby is so beautiful even by just looking at the sonogram! The wedding will be held on October 19, after my wife gets well.

Until now, I’ve focused on working hard while running forward as FTISLAND’s youngest member and drummer, now I will try to walk forward while looking at my surroundings, and checking who is beside me and who is behind me.

We decided to get married and I am preparing to be a dad soon, at some point I realized that the world seems very different that the way I used to see it! Every day now is so precious and I am very grateful.

Now that I am becoming someone’s husband and a child’s father, it becomes a part of my life. Like all the past moments have become good memories, I hope that these moments will also become good memories.

I’ll live a happy life! Please support me a lot! Thank you all sincerely!”

Congratulations to Minhwan, we love you and will always support you. Wishing you and Yulhee the happiest days, we can’t wait to see you get married!

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